The Best Fat Burning Foods You Must Have In Your Kitchen

When it comes to weight loss, many of us struggle when it comes down to what we should and shouldn’t eat. I’ve found that the easiest way to overcome this is to stock your fridge and kitchen with the best fat burning foods out there. Whenever you have a craving for some form of junk food, you’ll have an alternative more healthy fat burning food in your kitchen! This has been my most effective way of avoiding crashing on my diets and having too many ‘cheat meals’.

Are you ready to reform your body through excellent nutrition by stocking your fridge with the best fat burning foods?

What Are Fat Burning Foods?

I was considering giving you a definition from Wikipedia but then I realized it wasn’t exactly relevant. When it comes to fat burning foods, most people start to think that if they eat these given foods the fat will just melt of their body. Either that or these foods will cause their bodies to burn more calories than other foods. To be honest, none of this is definitive and if you’ve been in the weight loss game long enough you’ll know that a lot of the ‘knowledge’ out there is just mere opinion and theory.

I like to think of fat burning foods as foods that should contain the majority of the calories I consume each day. In other words, these are the foods that I won’t feel guilty after eating, that won’t make me expand like a balloon and they contain the most nutrition. Make these foods be some of the most common things that you eat daily and you’ll already be on your way to healthier lifestyle/diet.

The Best Fat Burning Foods:

1) Whole Eggs:

Like I mentioned above, there are different opinions from different apparent experts out there when it comes to eggs. If you didn’t already know, eggs are known as the perfect protein! The debate begins when people start to discuss whether or not you should eat the yolk, or just the egg whites! Words like cholesterol and bad fats always tend to come up in these conversations. Honestly, if your cholesterol is too high, worrying about eggs isn’t going to fix that, there are much more effective things you could be doing. If you want the full benefit of the egg, then eat the yolk too. (Make sure you always have these in your kitchen as when you’re in a pinch a quick omelet will save you from taking out that packet of frozen fries in your freezer!)

2) Whole Grains:

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard this one. Whole grains are probably the food you should consume most. Especially when it comes to your carbohydrates intake. Whole grains contain huge amounts of fiber that fill you up for much longer, making you eat less overall. When purchasing whole grain foods, you do have to be extremely careful as some foods will say ‘Whole Grain Guaranteed’ but only contain trace amounts of whole grain.

What I like to do is: Purchasing 100% rolled oats from the supermarket and then use this to make different things. I can make oatmeal in morning with some berries, protein bars or cookies for a snack and many other things. Make sure you consume whole grains!

3) Nuts: Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans, Etc.

Nuts have a mixed reputation when it comes to whether or not it should be included a healthy diet. The nuts‘problem’ with nuts is they generally contain a huge amount of calories for very small portions. The problem becomes bigger when many people snack on them a bit too often and have too many each time. On the other hand, nuts contain very healthy fats and are also a good source of fiber and protein.

What I like to do is: Have a packet of each in the kitchen cupboard and take a small handful as a snack and then put the packet back. A small handful contains enough calories already and will act effectively as a snack to keep you full till your next meal. This way, you get the benefits of nuts whilst keeping the calories low.

4) Berries: Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Etc.

Berries have a good reputation for being a superfood and there’s good reason for that too! They are literally a powerhouse of good nutrition containing vitamins and minerals and some of the best antioxidants of any foods in existence. Like the foods above, berries also come with a decent amount of fiber.

What I like to do is: Get creative! Berries are awesome for adding on top of your desserts and taste excellent too!

5) Green Tea:

There are several studies that you can find out there that imply that green tea is very beneficial for burning fat. Whether or not this is true is debatable but the general consensus is that green tea stimulates the body to burn abdominal fat. There’s no denying that green tea increases my energy levels though! Making my workouts much more productive.

What I like to do is: Start each day with a cup of hot green tea!

6) Veggies:

Honestly, along with whole grains a majority of your diet should be vegetables. Vegetables are beneficial for veggiesvarious reasons such as being very low in a calories and containing a nutritional punch. The best ones for you are: Spinach, broccoli and other green vegetables.

What I like to do is:  Have a pack frozen in my fridge to use in a pinch when I can’t go out to pick up fresh ones. There’s a huge debate on whether or not frozen vegetables are as nutritious as fresh ones. My opinion is that they are and they’re much better than not having them at all.

7) Wild Salmon:

Salmon contains omega three fats and huge amounts of protein. This is a very powerful food to add to your list as it offers variety whilst still maintain awesome nutrition. You can make salmon salads, sushi, sandwiches and many other things.

What I like to do is: Have salmon with my veggies forming a very nutrition, healthy and fat burning meal!

8) Lean Meat:

Lean mean offers healthy fats and protein. You’re probably thinking by now that all these foods offer the same nutrition give or take and that’s pretty much the point! These are the things you need to have in your kitchen to burn fat so there’s no surprise that the nutrition they contain is very similar.

What I like to do is: Cook skinless (less fat) chicken breast with brown rice and broccoli. This is a very nutritious meal, it contains the protein you need from the chicken, the vitamins and minerals from the broccoli and carbohydrates from the brown rice!

The Foods That Are Actually Making You Gain Weight:

1) Juice drinks:

No No and No. If I had a dime for every time someone told me that drinking juice drinks will help you get your five a day I’d’d be a very rich man. You are much better off just eating the fruit itself. The problem with most fruit juices out there are that they are stocked with huge amounts of sugar that only make you crave more! Not to mention that juice drinks do contain a relatively high amount of calories too! You’re much better drinking water if you want to lose weight.

What I like to do is: Eat my fruits and drink water. Water has no calories.

2) Smoothies:

While smoothies do have many benefits if you make them yourself, many people tend to forget that they do smoothiescontain a high amount of calories too! Not to mention that they aren’t actually very filling. Smoothies shouldn’t be used as a drink to go with a meal, it’s a meal in itself.

What I like to do is: Have my smoothie after my workouts and then eat again in an hour or so.

3) Protein Bars from Shops:

Like juice drinks, they contain huge amounts of sugar and generally very low amounts of protein. You’re much better making your own with oats and not so much sugar!

What I like to do is: Make my own protein bars using this recipe: (This is a simple recipe, you can find ones that have more ingredients)

4) Potatoes:

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m big fan of potatoes for weight loss and muscle gain. But the problem is that they do contain huge amounts of calories and for those of us who are solely focusing on weight loss, this isn’t a food to be having very often. The problem isn’t the potato itself, it starts to become a problem when we start deep frying it in terrible oil and alas, we have our fries to go with the pizza!

What I like to do is: Buy fresh potatoes, slice them into the form of fries and then grill them!

5) Processed Foods:  (Even Those With A Weight Watchers Symbol On Them)

These are horrible. Completely horrible when it comes to nutrition. They generally contain huge amounts of calories while offering little to no useful nutrition!

What I like to do is: cook all my food myself, it sounds like work, but hey, it’s going to be tough if you want to lose weight!

Where Can I Go For More Information:

You can search through Google and find all the nutrition information you want easily. But then it gets harder. Knowing what to eat is just one thing, being able to consistently prepare meals using these foods becomes very tricky especially if you aren’t skill in the kitchen. Also, although nutrition is probably the single most important thing when it comes to weight loss, you do need to take into account exercise as well. What exercises should you be doing, for how long and how often? There are many other things that come into play when dealing with body weight. This is why people always say that diets don’t work and weight loss is a lifestyle!

The program we recommend here is The Fat Diminisher System as we believe it contains everything you need to lose weight effectively. This includes, meal plans, grocery lists, exercise routes and calendars, etc. There are many programs out there but this is the one that has been trial and tested by many and has delivered results.

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